The Stupid Letter

9:24 PM

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Hey you!

I don't even know how to start this letter. Lol, is this 'thing' considered a letter? Haha! I know that you won't even know that this letter is for you or this letter exist cause you don't even know I exist in this planet. *shrugs but I would just like to do this letter because I was thinking about you moments ago. Shet, lakas ng tama mo sa akin -.- So there, I saw you earlier and as usual I was starstrucked. There were sparkles, and the world stopped. Am I already over acting? Well, I guess so. But I think its the perfect description of my vision when I saw you. Tsuuuh! Hahahaha.

Well I really don't know your attitude because I'm only looking at you from afar. But I think you're so cool. Well even if you're not that cool or not even cool at all, that won't stop me from liking you. You're very tall, you're White, and ofcourse you're handsome and very attractive. I think you're Smart too. Gosh, I don't know why other people would say that you're not attractive but I think its also better that they are not attracted to you and only means you're mine. Lol! I know that.. and also other other people know that.. I'm a bitter person but when I saw you and whenever I'm thinking of you.. All those bitterness were gone. It disappears like a bubble. ONLY the moment that I'm thinking of you. OK? Wait, that's like every minute of every hour of every day.

*moments of silence *crickets-crickets *awkward, awkward

Okay, I think i'm really romantic right now and I think I already need to stop my mind's foolishness because this is already embarrassing.. I'm not hoping that you will read this or know about me. All I'm hoping is that you're not gay. Lol.

I hope you're not tired cause you've been running in my mind all day. Hee! :">

P.S: I LIKE YOU. LIKE. REALLY, REALLY LIKE YOU.  and excuse my grammar. You can just tweet me if there are some corrections to be made ^___^ Spread the Kilig vibes :">

Lastly, this is NOT a love letter. This is only a LIKE letter.
Pardon my stupidity @.@

Person you don't know that exist in this planet and secretly liking you a lot. Like a lot.

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