June's 3rd Week.

5:54 PM

As much as I only want to share about my 2nd week of classes but there are lot more great things happened this week! (June 16-June 22) and I'd describe this week as a happy week! Its not that I didn't encounter problems and trials for this weeks, I did, its just that I prefer and chose to be happy rather let those problems eat me :)

June 16 - I was very desperate to contact a classmate regarding on our speech for our English class. That's why Cidney became my Messenger. Also, I get to talk with new people on twitter too like Celine which happened to be my classmate in English and Sirach. All thanks to Cidney! ♥
-End of Sunday-

June 17 -  Impromptu speech on English. It was very unfair on our part (me and other classmates who were not called that day) Why? Nervous na sa Monday, Nervous pa sa Wednesday. So, not cool. Plus, its the first meeting with our Philosophy professor. That day, the teacher told that he is not sure if he will be our professor for the whole semester. During my break time, my friends can only accompany me for only a short period of time cause they decided to go home since they have a very long break before their next class starts. After eating my baon, I stayed at the library. ALONE. You know that song Stronger? Where it says "Doesn't mean I'm lonely, when I'm alone" So, wag niyo ako kaawaan pag nag-iisa ako, unless you see me crying. Lol. I'm sort of used to being alone starting college cause I really can't get along with people. I'm awkward e. Like I said, I just stayed at the library waiting for my next class which happens to be at the same building, same floor. Mehehehe! God is Good All the Time! :D After that, I met with Louise cause we are classmates on RS. Good thing, our professor is not yet present. Wihi. So what we did is waste our time at the L-bench. Then we decided to go the Frap Bar but since we were lazy enough, we decided to go to Mindpro instead and had our merienda at Jollibee! :D Then we went back to school for our next class which is Marketing. After the drama of our teacher, he dismissed us early and I asked Louise to go with me at Budget Wise to check the dresser. Since I liked it, mom bought it. Then Louise and I went home together
-End of Monday-

June 18 - Since its a Thursday, Aaliyah and I talked about that we are gonna be each other's TTH buddy. Yes, cause I don't have a companion after our first class. So, we lunch together, we went somewhere else just to waste the time and by the time that we were at the room for the next class, our Math professor just told us that she won't meet us. We don't know the reason, but whatever. We chose to stay at the room then went at lounge. There we saw Lausanne and Aera then the 4 of us stayed at the cafeteria. Since they have a 1:30 class, I decided to go to the library but good thing that Danica saw me! :) Then I stayed with at the cafeteria, then Serge and Maelet came. When the bell rang, I went to my next class together with Clariel, Samantha and Louise since I saw them at the cafeteria. After a short discussion with our Attorney professor, The Tropa (Louise, Sam, Jester, Kevin) together with April Francis went to Aunt Zeny's store for our merienda. Then went to our next class which Accounting. Then Louise and I went home together since my father picked me up. Eventhough my father won't pick me up, Louise and I will still go home together :))

When I arrived home, I saw the new bench mom bought and also the dresser that we (Louise and I) checked at budget wise. Yeah.. I'm not really happy with the dresser cause what I really want is a closet. But whatever. The dresser's pretty too.
-End of Tuesday-

June 19 - My sister's 20th birthday. Finally, I was already called for the impromptu speech which is a big failure cause I wasn't able to answer when in fact the question is easy "What's your favorite subject?" Well, honestly, I don't have any favorite subject right now. So after the impromptu speech, we have this speaking activity, to be more specific its more like pronunciation activity which is Fun, really! :) After that, back to our Philosophy class. Swear, I didn't understand a thing what our professor was talking about the whole time. Well, its just funny that he's carrying the chair many times and he's repeating it and I was just laughing telling myself that "Wala ata budget si sir pang gym kaya chair nalang binubuhat paulit ulit" and our prof is also saying lotsa stuff that made me think that "Loko gaha te si sir" But that's Philosophy -.- After that, I stayed at Ladies Lounge with Lausanne rather than staying at library alone since my friends went home ^___^ My brunch was only Mang Juan and Bottled Juice but I was effin hungry that time. Then I went to my next class which is Entre! :) After that, I went to my next class which is RS, first meeting and our prof is a nun! :) After our class.. Chelsi, Kevin, Louise and I went to Mcdo for snacks. But I ate Chicken fillet with rice since I'm that hungry. Then back to school for our Marketing. Good thing, sir dismissed us early. Also, my father picked me up again! :D

At night we just have this little celebration for my sister's birthday. Yes little since the big celebration is on the next night which is my mother's birthday! :) and also We (Xandy, Fatima, Floyd and I) had this crazy convo again. Ughh. I really missed it!
-End of Wednesday-

June 20 - My mother's 53rd birthday. I started the day by not attending my first class which is not a lost on my part because Louise told me that our prof didn't meet us today. Yey! What a coincident rifght? :> I decided to attend my Math class. My friends said that class will cut off from 3-4:30pm. After my Math class, Xandy called me for a very important matter. Don't ask, you'll just laugh :)))

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