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Looks like this post is another Fatima and Kathleen or Bebang & Dudang post since the others are obviously drawing. Geez. We already talked about that we are having a get together this day but no, they didn't reply.

June 3, 2013 @ Myrna's, Pasonanca
This is going to be the last date with Fatima this year. I guess. If you guys don't know, Fatima is moving at Manila. She transferred at FEU and will take Respiratory Therapy. Well, things didn't went so good here that's why she has to move and start a new life. Chos! Sadly, she told me that she's not sure of coming home on Sembreak or Christmas break. But sure, she'll come home on Summer vacation. Which is next year -.- Pfft.

So.. No more twin, no more mother, no more foodtrip buddy </3 :(
Our all time favorite, Beef Salpicao!
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For my simple OOTN and LOTN
Orange Shirt from Penshoppe // Pants (Brandless) // Flats from Solemate // Bag from ABkD
For my face, only used Johnson's Baby Powder. If you noticed, I look pale or preferably called the "zombie" look

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