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Okay maybe I'm months late after this movie has been shown in Cinemas and maybe most of the people have already watched it. But that's not important anymore. What's important is I watched this movie and I'm going to watch it consecutively for 1 week. Its just Funny! R is funny and awesome and sweet and romantic and funny and funny and funny. Dude R is very funny. His thoughts is funny. I'm inlove with him especially the scene when they jumped from the Stadium. He's so.. Idk, Handsome? And the last scene where he looks like a Demi God -.-"

Damn. Best Zombie movie ever. It didn't even scare me. Like I was laughing all the F-in time. Hahaha! Like what I've said, R is funny since he's the main character of the movie. I don't know what's his real name is and I don't have the energy to search what's his real name is. I prefer waiting for it show up or other people would tell me. So yeah, its not only R who makes the movie funny. His bestfriend, Marcus, makes the movie funny too. Swear. And who else? The friend of Julie! That girl who wants to cure. I don't know what's her name. But she's funny too. I like all of them to the bits. Plus, I like the background music, it makes the movie funnier. I'm inlove with the movie.

Hi Guys, Meet R. He's a Zombie. The coolest zombie.
This is Romeo and Juliet
They're story is cute. Very, very cute. Hahaha!

Obviously, everyone noticed that Julie (Teresa Palmer.. I guess?) looks like Kristen Stewart. Which is awesome. I watched the movie twice this day and I can't keep from saying.. "Grabe kamukha niya talaga si Bella!!" One more thing, Teresa Palmer is my new Girl Crush. I've been crushing on her since I watched I am Number 4, She's number 6 there right? Really awesome :>

I prefer giving you the first four minute of the movie than the trailer. Obviously, everyone must have watched the trailer ;)

Photos and Videos aren't mine. Searched from Google and Youtube and used it for this post ;)

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