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For the first time in my college life, I enjoyed the consultation day. Of course, its tiring. What else is new? Students come to school early to list their names and gets tired of waiting for their names to be called. How long do they wait? Its 3 hours and above. Well.. That's the normal waiting time. I mean like.. What happened to me before is that i'm being called at 5PM or 6PM. People who come to school at 6AM will go home at 5PM. Trust me ;) Well, that was when I was still on AAO. But now that I already shifted to BSBA, things gets easier. Like what I've said, this is a new.. Its new cause I didn't wait that much. Arrived at school at 8:30AM, had Spaghetti (my favorite) at Flavorite with Hanna at 10AM, and pass 11AM? I'm all done with the first half of the enrollment process ;) How cool is that? Ha! Unfortunately, some of my friends finished at 4PM cause they got problem with their major and prospectus and stuff. Lucky for me, the professor let me choose what subject to take ;) Hehehe

Its when I saw my crush and he just looked and smiled at me. Wait. Did I said that.. HE LOOKED AT ME?! AND.. AND.. SMILED AT ME?! :o ERMEHGERD. Seriously.. He did made my day. Like swear. I look like a crazy betch smiling all alone. Walking alone? Smiling. Sitting alone? Smiling. Riding at the jeep? Smiling. I'm going gaga. Well, you can't blame me. I've been crushing on him since forever. Neh kidding! I've been crushing on him since I first laid my eyes on him. CHARIIIING! He's cute. Well sometimes he's not, but most of the time he's cute. Plus, super intelligent too. I guess? So that's it. I can't do this anymore. I can't talk about my crush anymore, I only find myself smiling again -.- Damn. I'm being weird again. CHOCO FUDGE >___<

Lunch time with Hanna, Kevin, Louise, Keith and Jester. Ampf.
This is me looking at Jester's food telling him "Jes, kung ako sayo, kainin mo na yang pagkain mo or else ako kakain niyan." Hahahah!

After eating, we went back at college garden to wait for the others to be called. Since we came back early, we decided to play. And we played SiCualiHinduFaTambeRecket. Ampf. Too bad for me, I lose 4 times :(
I love you Louise, Hanna, Jester, Keith and Kevin -.-

Next is: Samantha and Ronnel. They look really cute in their matching shirts and pants :)

Mehe, That's all. Thanks! ♥
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