School Shopping? I don't think so.

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Its a Saturday before class starts, so I expected that we're going to have a shop for school supplies and not shop anything else. But life happens. Before getting my new uniform, we passed by Sta. Cruz market. Actually, we should only pass there but then.. We saw lots of shoes, that's why we decided to buy some. Little did we know, we ended up buying 7 bags or more? Yes. Mom said, its a one year supply. Lol. K! Sus, who would believe that anyway? Plus, she also bought new clothes and blazers. 2 weeks or 1 week before she bought i don't know, 7 bags? Yes. And now we have this huge problem where to put this stuff -.- Yes. We love shopping at thrift stores. Who doesn't right?

Before getting my uniform at Zamboanga Tailoring Shop, we Nancy Leonard. God, she's beautiful and fabulous. I hope her make-up didn't melt or I hope that it didn't rain during her motorcade :) After looking at her beauty, we then picked up my new uniform. Yey! Then went to southway. But passing by there, there's this drum and lyre corps like what the hell is going on? Then I figured out that Southway is celebrating something cause there's this huge balloon stand at the entrance. Good thing, there's still a vacant lot at the parking area ;) And after that.. We went at Greenwich to eat. Yes. And there's this Teen Princesses of Southway and the 2nd, 1st and the Miss Southway. For the first time, I saw my girlcrush from facebook. God, she's beautiful! And also there's this pretty girl, one of the Teen Princesses. She really looked like my friend, Cidney ^----^ Going back to Greenwich thingy, here are some of the photos I took :)
and this is my mom. yes its her. Nido (our pet) got scared because it didn't recognized her ^----^ :)) Hahaha! Cute dog

After eating, I thought we're going straight to Rusty Lopez but No -.- We went to the Department store and we bought this pants for me. Pffft. Then mom got issue with the cashier girl. After that, we walked to Rusty Lopez and mom bought me two flats since I really don't like wearing heels. Why would you guys want to wear high heels? I'm tall enough. Charing. I just don't like wearing heels -.- Love flats, its comfy, life's easy and happy. After that.. Home. No.. Joy's Boutique! and mom bought us that uniform Jumpsuit. Mine's Mint color and we're going to use that tomorrow for Chelsi's debut :)

Realized that there's a lot of events this day, no? Nancy's motorcade. That celebration at Southway Square and the Orsem. I decided not to go to school today cause i'm lazy enough. That's what happened to my day.

For my OOTD, I based on the weather. Since its rainy, I wore that Red kicks. I feel that my kicks fits the weather, cool. Hahaha kidding. Legging since I'm really lazy wearing pants. Hello rainy weather makes people lazy, and that's a fact. For the tank top.. I don't know why my sister made me use that, but whatever. For the cardigan, mom told me to wear her pink coat. Hello, coat?! Am I in the USA? :)) Hahaha, wore cardigan instead.

Highlight of the day.. My bag! Yes, its the first time I used it. I didn't even know it has the sling thingy. It was the first time I opened the bad and found out that there's more. Yes. I really love the bag. I didn't use it before cause I think its just a handbag which is a big no, no for me. Handbags and shoulder bags aren't for me. Trust me :)) I'm only using backpacks and sling bags. Hahaha
Tank top - borrowed from sister
Leggings - gift from debut
Kicks - bought from a thrift store at Sta. Cruz
Bag - gift from Ninang Tessie

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