A night in Paris

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Last June 09, I went to Paris with my sisters. We dressed up, we partied, had dinner, had fun. We attended Chelsi's debut. Yes, it’s no other than Chelsi Lovely Esguia. She turned 18 last June 09. Very unfortunate for us sisters because we didn't have the chance to see Chelsi's dance number we arrived late, like super late. No, not really, just late. As always. So, other people and us are like aliens. Like... Who are these people? :o But nah, I already expected and didn't mind but instead had fun and witnessed Chelsi bust in tears of joy. Well, Rafael was there and we shared table with my BSBA classmates or friends.

It was not really obvious that Chelsi's favorite color is Pink. Yes. Not really. Her gown is Pink, her cake is Pink, the Eiffel Tower decoration made by his brother is Pink, the letterings are Pink and Black, the table clothings are White matched with Pink, the candles are Pink, the balloons are Black and Pink. There's a lot of Pink there. Hahaha. And ofcourse, her invitation is Pink.
Since I’m one of her 18 candles, we have to do this thing before saying our message to her. That is.. to chew the Yaki Gum. Anong trip ng babaeng to at papakainin kame ng Yaki? -.- Hahahaha! Swear, I don't like Yaki. It destroys my face. Wait. My face is already destroyed, isn't it? Hahahaha. Going back.. Good thing, I didn't really taste the sourness of the Gum because of my F-in nervousness.
After 18 candles, it is followed by Dinner time. During dinner time, there's this girls who have powerful voices. Yes. They sang really... Good. They're better than Anne Curtis, I tell you. Hahaha. I was really amazed with their talents. I wish I could sing too :( They don’t only possess beautiful voice but they are also Pretty. Anyway.. After having dinner, it is followed by 18 treasures then 18 roses. After that, there's this game which I don't wanna talk about cause I don't know how to explain it. Lol. And my sister is one of the winner! *o* ^---^
After that, the debutant, Chelsi Lovely Esguia gave her message :) Then.. Picture taking!

For my OOTN: I wore the Black dress which was recently purchased at Forme. Actually, I really didn't like that dress. But my sisters and my mom liked it for me, so be it and my sister told me that it would be a start to have dresses for formal occassions. Gosh. I looked like a mom in this dress, right? Also the design makes me look like i'm at the wrong place and where I should be at the moment is at the High school building AVR performing for the Greek Festival. For the shoes, I wore the Red heels. Mom says I should wear it, it looks better than the skintoned heels.

Little Black Dress - Forme // Shoes - Gibi // Bag - Thrift Shop //

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