First Day 2013.

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This outfit was inspired by Vern Enciso's post on their joint blog with her sister, Verniece. As far as I remember, I think that post was meant for college freshies who doesn't know what to wear on their first day of school. Well the post looks simple and presentable that's why I also tried it. To see Vern's post, click here.
What I wore on our first of school was obviously girly for me. If you guys know me very well, I don't like dressing up like a girl. That's a big no no for me. But since I'm already 3rd year, I need to try dressing up like a girl. Which means, lots of effort. Goodluk to me then @@

Floral top was bought by my sister from US before she came back here in the Philippines. She was actually having an OJT there, good thing she earned big enough to bough herself an iPhone4s and also pasalubong to us ^----^ Since the top was see through, I used a white tube under it. For this outfit, I only used 1 accessory which is the necklace. I didn't use arm candy/ies cause it really bothers me ^----^v

For the pants, it was recently purchased. Like it was purchased the day before the class starts. No, I didn't bought it for school reasons only, but I bought it cause I really don't have presentable pants. And honestly, this pants doesn't really make me happy because it's bitin. My ankles are visible!! My mother and sisters said it looked good on me although its short, blah blah blah. I'm not happy with that pants *nagmamaktol mode* Hahaha! Since the pants' waistline is 30 or 29 I guess, I needed to use belt and so I borrowed my sister's belt without even asking permission since she was dead dreaming.

My favorite sunnies are present in this look again cause its scorchin' hot again. When will it start raining, eh? I'm so excited :)

As I mentioned on the previous post, this bag was given to me by my ninang Tessie. Yes, its my new favorite. Its pink, its orange, its yellow, its a handbag with a sling thingy, it has accessories. For short, its cute and girly! Somehow stuff like this bag can be a start for me to a girly girl.

So moving on the shoes, I think some of you already saw this shoes on my photos on Instagram. It was borrowed from my sister since we have the same size. Most of the time we are just sharing our stuff. Or let me say, most of the time, I always borrow my sister's and mother's stuff. Hahahaha!

For the first day, I only brought 1 notebook with me. Just somewhere to put the teacher's name and incase we have a KJ teacher who starts teaching on the first day of school which happened. I copied notes and had a quiz on my first subject on the first day of school. Well, can't blame it. Its English211, which mean public speaking, writing and debate. Geez. Goodluck to me since I don't have any friends in my class @@ Ampffff. And we have this assignment which is to prepare a 60 second speech. I don't even know what the speech is all about. Gosh. I wannt die x___x I hate public speaking!

Good thing when I entered the school, lady guard didn't scold me because of my top. Lol. They should allow us student wearing this kind of top. Hello? Its normal -.- And you guys noticed my hair? Its already ugly and i'm starting to look like a werewolf again. I want to cute it but it hurts.I want to get it rebonded but I can't since its already class time. So, better treat it on Sembreak. For this sem, please excuse my wolfy hair. @@

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