2nd Day outfit

2:35 PM

My 2nd day outfit was similar with the first day if you noticed which is obvious. Also, its the first time I did an outfit shoot in the school, and its embarrassing. Embarrassing because there were students looking at me, at us while my friend Hanna and Zac were taking pictures of me. Gosh. I'm really used to it when other people are looking when I'm doing my outfit shoot. People might thought that I'm so "mababaw" why do I have to take stupid pictures and post it on my blog when infact I'm just wearing a simple blouse, pants and a shoes. No, this kind of look is new to me. This look is very unusual to me, like i've said in my previous post, I don't dress up looking like a girl. Most of the time, I wear shirts and not blouses like this.
Like what I've said above, this outfit is similar from the first day's. Yes. I was planning that i'm gonna wear the same style of top for this week but unfortunately, I only have two tops with that kind of style. Which means, I need to look and prepare another blouse from my closet. Haha!
The top was actually given to me by my mom. Nope, she didn't bought it for me. Or maybe she did? I don't know and I'm not sure. She just gave it to me. I don't know if she bought it for herself but unfortunately it didn't fit her? or she really bought it for me since I'm starting to love red and its my size? Who knows? Only mom knows. Whatever. I really love the color and the studs.

For the bottom, I only wore a simple Black skinny jeans which is again "bitin" and a Brown Oxford shoes. I just want to wear different style of shoes and not just plain flats just for me to feel that i'm wearing anything ordinary today :)
The bag was recently purchased from a thrift shop last Saturday. Its leather, its White. I love it. Its one of my favorite that's why I used it. Also, it matches the top unlike the bag that I used on my first day which is very colorful. ;)

Thanks! Love Kathleen.

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