Sinful Sunday

1:20 AM

Hello there! I would like to share my Sunday cheatday. I swear, as much as possible, I really want to continue my diet plan and not destroy it for a whole month. But I think I should start expecting that Sunday is not a Cheat day but a Sin day. Ang hirap mag-diet lalo na pag wala ng ibang makakainan kundi fastfood. Nakakabanas!

So, first. I'll share kung ano-ano ang kinain ko for today :)

  1. Breakfast: Boiled Egg, Whites Only! :) and 3-in-1 Brown Coffee
  2. Cadbury Choclaires. I think I ate more than 5 :(
  3. Lunch at Jollibee: Fries (I'm sure I ate more than the regular sized Fries. Mortal Sin), Jollibee Yum w/ Cheese, Jollibee Aloha (Half ng aloha), Jollibee Peach Mango Pie, 1 large sized Iced tea (Jollibee)
  4. JGH Merienda: 1 pack Sky Flakes w/ Skippy Peanut Butter and 3-in-1 Brown Coffee
  5. Extra Snack: 1 Goldilocks crinkles, 1 Goldilocks polvoron w/ 3-in-1 Brown Coffee
  6. Dinner: Misua or Miswa and Apple & Jackfruit

Instead of 6 small meals, I had 6 sinful meals :( I have sinned too much. I really want to kill myself. All those workout, all those effort. All those time and energy I've spent on working out on the gym are gone. Instead of losing weight, I know I gained. What's worse is that, I wasn't able to hit the gym today cause after our sinful lunch meal at Jollibee, we had a little shopping on Southway Square Mall's Department Store. Goodness sake! I don't know if mom is intentionally or unintentionally sabotaging my fitness life :( Huhu! I told her I'm planning to go to the gym at 2pm cause the gym's until 6pm only @@ Nag-shopping pa talaga! Pero okay lang man rin kasi family time din yun. Pero parang pinlano talaga. Nung 4pm na, she told me grinningly "Nah, 4 na, di na kayo maka-gym" I just glared at her and said "Nah, di na talaga!" @@ =)))

But I did some workout at late night :) I did my 5 shoulder workout with 3 sets of 15 & 1 triceps workout with 3 sets of 15 (turo saken ni Kuya Jimmy/Gym trainor) and the leg workout I found online. I feel quite happy and proud that I was able to do a quick workout. As it says "A quick workout is better than no workout" But still, I'm guilty. I hate myself. For eating Choclaires, Fries, Burger, Choco Crinkles & Polvoron. Huhuhu :(
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