1:57 PM

Hello there! All of a sudden, I just want to post something about my life. Well, actually this is just another some sort of drama. Again. Better get used to it. I'm having the moment of the month right now. I was surprised last night when I found out that my visitor finally came. I didn't feel a thing though. Right now, I'm not feeling really well. I'm feelin' feverish + I'm so stressed about my life. I'm stressed about my deficiency subjects, my clearance, my enrollment and such. Ugh! I just hate it. I'm so stressed how am I going to manage my time. Just imagine in one day, I have to go to school, go to gym, meet with my friends and go home early. I know the only solution is to wake up early but I can't. I just can't cause my body is effin painful from working out. Ugh! I just want to rest :( I have many problems, dumagdag pa talaga ang PMS. I hate PMS. 

Xoxo, Baby Girl

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