Gorgeous Part 2 :)

12:06 PM

The last picture is the funniest one =)))))))
This are actually Valentine's Day 2012 photos from Mae's Album :3
Le story: Le me, Le Mae and Le Xandy don't have dates that day. So the three of us ate at Mang Inasal and went back to school :3 Bdw, I also received this puchu-puchu pink heart balloon from one of the petitioner of an Organization Frat -_________________- I kinda feel embarrassed because there are lots of balloons like that. Tapos kameng mga babae, mga mukha kameng ewan na magkakatulad kame ng mga balloon =)))

Here's Le Picture of le balloon and me :3

Le video of us at Mang Inasal. From Mae's Channel :)

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