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9:53 PM

Le Me and Le Outfit.

March 26, 2012. That's a Monday. Supposedly, I'm going to school; submit the final paper, go to guidance for consultation and go out with friends. But since I'm feelin' kinda lazy and mega ultra sleepy, I decided to stay at the house. Sleep and sleep and sleep. But since I'm tired of sleeping, I get up, Turn on the desktop, eat, play with puppy, go inside mom's room and Ha! I start putting make up all over my face. =))) Lolol. After vain session.. I kinda want to do a little photoshoot. When I say photoshoot. I mean with outfit. :)) Since the camera's not with me, I only used my aunt's phone for photos. Yeah. Low Quality </3 It breaks my heart.

Le Photos of Le Puchu-puchu Photoshoot.
Front Look. (Whole Body)
 Le Me doing Le cool way to do le peace sign :)
Le Outfit, Accessories and Shoes.

About Le Outfit:
Le Me wearing Le Blouse from Oxygen. Le shorts, I borrowed it from my sister. Le Belt, I borrowed from my Mom. Le Shoes, from Rusty Lopez. Le Accessories, Le Mine; Le me and mom bought it somewhere. :)

Le Portraits.

For Le Make-Up: 
For Le Face: Le Me used Moisturizer for the face (Mary Kay), 2 liquid foundation (Mary Kay), Powder foundation (Natasha by Fanny Serano).
For Le Eyes: Pencil eyeliner (Avon), Black eyeshadow (Avon), Gray Eyeshadow (Avon). You can also use liquid eyeliner, mascara or falsies :>

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