9:10 PM

Let the dress do the talking.
I observed that my style is getting weirder and more awkward. But yeah, that's me. I think I'm already growing and discovering my own style. The weirder & the more incomprehensible my style is, the better. That means, I'm starting to be different and different means unique & extraordinary.
For this outfit, I let the dress to be the bold statement by the practice of less is more styling. I matched the dress with a pair of kicks because 1.) I don't have any other pair of nice shoes that would compliment the dress 2.) Combat boots will not make the look carry the basics style 3.) I believe that some kicks can really rock any style, for short its universal. If I only have Birkenstock mandals, or a pure white sneaks..

I wasn't really sure about the hat, to be honest, I didn't even think of it properly when I wore it. All I think was, there should be something going on in my head (what I was talking about was that, I should have a head accessory). That's why I ended up wearing this. But I don't know maybe a white cap could kill it? For the accessories, I went for Gold. I just love mixing black and gold. Also to give the look a little bit of classics & sophistication. Basics won't be complete without mixing up Black & White, that's why I ended with this white satchel. 


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