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Hola there! I just want to share our Partyology photos which I really liked because the photos looked so great! And ofcourse the party was super duper great as well, too bad I got drunk earlier than I thought that's why I really didn't witnessed the overall event. Haay sad but anyway, I had fun tho and I'm so embarrassing that night. Oh well there's still part 2, they said. I guess I would just wait for that tho ;) Hihi
What: PartYOLOgy
When: October 10, 2014, 9pm to 5am
Where: Tebi & Sean Recreational Center
Also, just to clarify things. I love to go to fun events like this. Yes to partying, yes to dancing, yes to fun and from that night on, I would have to say a big NO to alcohols. Lesson learned already! Hahaha

So there :)

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