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I know this post seems too late since the event happened almost 1 week already. But there's always a saying that "Its better to be late than never" Right? :3 Mehe. Actually, I already saved a draft but I don't have time to edit the post and the photos :) For me, this year's acquaintance party is like my first ever acquaintance party. I know that I'm already third year, but its my first Acquaintance party with the MAO people. This is what I can say from the party "Masaya ang party pero hindi ako nag-enjoy" :)

What I observed from my sorrounding last night is that people had fun. Yes, them. Me? Well I had fun for 30 seconds I think? HAHAHA! Its so unfair @@ Never got the chance to mess up other people too. WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET THOSE?! @@ Actually, this is what happened.. When the program ended, people start leaving the venue.. then we were just shocked why they are shouting and running back inside. Yun pala, nagtatapunan na ng icing. HAAAAY. So we immediately hide under the table :)) -.- San ba sila nakakuha nun? At kame walang ganun?! @@ Ang BV naman eh. Yung iba lang nakakapaglaro. While kame, okay. Party bummer ang peg namen. HAHA.

I don't have more photos taken from my camera so I used photos from Louise and Clar's cameras instead :)

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