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Name: Kathleen Louise S. Clemente
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
Weight: 54kg
Vital Stats: 33-27-34

Maybe people around me already knew that ever since I really wanted to be model. Like hello? I'm a frustated model! Its damn obvious on my facebook photos! Its a good thing that Modelling Agencies are already starting here in Zamboanga and to stop this frustation of mine, I finally tried joining the "Go See"

Models' Association of Zamboanga or known as MAZ was the first modelling agency that launched here in Zamboanga. Since I really wanted to pursue my dreams of becoming a model, I decided to go to their Go See and due to my excitement, I confirmed my attendance 3 days before the Go See. Only means, Whatever happens, I Have No Other Choice But To Go.

(I'm Sexy and I Know It. Now, Stop Drooling!) :)) HAHAHAHA!

After confirming my attendance on the Go See, my mom and sisters told me asked my event organizer about my photos and videos since its been already 3 months after my debut. So I did it. And to my luck, My event organizer opened a door of opportunity for me; he invited me to go to the Go See of his modelling agency which is ESTILO Modelos de Zamboanga. After the short chitchat we had, I decided to go with Estilo.

So that's it. Actually, that Sunday (July 21), I'm really having second thoughts on going to the MAZ Go See. But I have 3 reasons why I went though..
1. I need to accompany my friend, Floyd, because if I'll not go with him he'll eventually die. Lol kidding
2. For Experience
3. Like what I've said, I already confirmed my attendance and have no choice but to go.

2 days after the Go See, MAZ already released on their site the people who made the 1st cut and luckily? I didn't make it. So, it only means one thing.. I am really for Estilo! :)

Another opportunity that Sir offered to me is to let me join the Branding photoshoot of Estilo. He offered me to join so that I'm going to have my first modelling shoot experience. And for that, I was really thankful and honored and it was really a great pleasure to be with his models knowing that they already have experience *o* Also, along with that is the pressure. I love my Estilo Family.

That's it. That's my story. I don't consider myself yet a model cause I haven't proved anything yet. Maybe what I did (decided to join Estilo but still went to MAZ Go see) was kind of bitchy witchy. But like I've said, I have reason why I did that. I was wrong though. But I didn't made the cut anyway :) Hehe (Baliw tlga)
As of now, I want to focus on my studies more than modelling. I want to pursue my dream but that doesn't mean that I'm going to forget about my studies. Well knowing me, I'm not really serious about my studies. But now? It changed. I want to have good grades that why I need to work that out. Along with that, I also need to workout on how to be a true model. I want to look like model, stand like a model, walk like a model, stand like a model and etc. I need to get taller. I need to be more fit. I need to make this eyebags and double chins disappear.
Thanks for reading.. *bow*

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