Saturday thoughts..

2:10 PM

Hey everyone! What I'm actually doing right now is waiting for lives to load at Bubble Island also blogging using mom's iPad mini. Gosh! I'm so inlove with this gadget @@ Also, I'm waiting for my hair to dry up so I can start preparing for the party! :) Its not that I'm excited about it, I just don't want to go to party looking like muchacha. I always want to look at my best even though I'm forced to. Plus, I want to start participating on school activities :) That would be great! :)

For tonight, my outfit is labeled as Ordinary or Simple. Like I've said on my previous post, it looks casual. For me I don't consider it as a party outfit but more of an everyday outfit. Something like that. What I'm going to spill about my outfit tonight is that I'm going to wear heels & florals. Hahaha! For my look, I think I will curl my hair, like always!! :) That's it. And I think I'll be using big bag cause I'll be bringing flats & tripod with me. So I think this is how I'm going to end my post? See yah later, MAO LIONS!! Lets have some fun later. Don't be such a party bummer (staying at the table, sitting, acting cool which is not cool) We need to get acquainted and we need to dance. Meh :)

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