Saturday thoughts..

Hey everyone! What I'm actually doing right now is waiting for lives to load at Bubble Island also blogging using mom's iPad mini. Gosh! I'm so inlove with this gadget @@ Also, I'm waiting for my hair to dry up so I can start preparing for the party! :) Its not that I'm excited about it, I just don't want to go to party looking like muchacha. I always want to look at my best even though I'm forced to. Plus, I want to start participating on school activities :) That would be great! :)

For tonight, my outfit is labeled as Ordinary or Simple. Like I've said on my previous post, it looks casual. For me I don't consider it as a party outfit but more of an everyday outfit. Something like that. What I'm going to spill about my outfit tonight is that I'm going to wear heels & florals. Hahaha! For my look, I think I will curl my hair, like always!! :) That's it. And I think I'll be using big bag cause I'll be bringing flats & tripod with me. So I think this is how I'm going to end my post? See yah later, MAO LIONS!! Lets have some fun later. Don't be such a party bummer (staying at the table, sitting, acting cool which is not cool) We need to get acquainted and we need to dance. Meh :)

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