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11:27 PM

Hey guys! I'm so happy to tell you that my Friday is not that bummer like my usual Fridays. Yeehee! Finally watched the movie Four Sisters and A Wedding. Damn! That movie was so great. If some of you haven't watched it yet, you better watch it now! Yes, like right now! HAHA! :) Oh, before I forgot, I watched it with Hanna and Jester. Well, Jester only watched with us because he didn't have any choice. Mehehe! Jester left first though. After watching, Hanna and I went separate ways. Hanna went somewhere with Zac, they said they'll buy shirt and I don't where else. While I went with my sisters to look for my outfit for tomorrow's acquaintance party ^----^

After finding the rightful outfit for the party. lol, rightful?! We went to Jollibee Camins to attend a kiddie party. Yes, our cousins' birthday party. So cool that after 2 years i think, ngayon lang ulit ako nakaattend ng kiddie party. Amazing! ^___^ Then went home na. Its so fun that me and my sister Krystelle are singing out loud while going home since we were riding the motorcycle with dad. Yes we were that noisy on the road. My sister went to mom's office para sabay na sila umuwi.

I was very happy that when I opened my blogger account and checked the pageviews, instead of 0, I saw 2 digit numbers. Wow, that's great. Really, really great! :"> For those who visited my blog, thanks! Maybe you thought that I blogged about my outfit for tomorrow's party. Lol, no. You should all be thrilled. Neh, kidding! My outfit is not that nice? I don't know. Its just simple, like casual look only. I don't know. I don't feel like attending our acquaintance party cause I don't know what's gonna happen. I think that's the point, to put question marks on our faces -.- and the result is? WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!! @@ Because we don't know if there's this paint or slime or stain thingy that would be thrown on us or something. I don't know. I can't sacrifice any decent clothes or even underwear! But I also don't want to look cheapipers on an acquaintance party. I mean, I don't want to look under-dressed or not presentable on a party like that. So yeah, it was really hard thinking and looking outfit to wear. But whatever, so lucky of me that I have my own stylist! :"> No other than my ate, Krizelle! So, she's the one fixing me during parties :"> Hehe.

Aside from that, we all know that Zamboanga City is facing issues such as the senseless killings, kidnappings and bombings which frighten the constituents of the city regarding with the peace and order situation. and there is this hear say that because of the prayer rally that was done by the Ateneo community, the bad elements focus shifted to the Ateneo community. So, I was thinking that it would be better that our school would have our own Convention Center *o* Its for the students security also right? Also, it wouldn't be a hassle for the reservation. Also, we could celebrate more occasions or social events than the usual. I mean, college community also deserves more socializing event. Lol. Well, that was just an idea anyway. So that's it.

Goodnight & Sweetdreams! :)

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