“Without Maturity There is No True Love”

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 According to 1 Corinthians 13:4 aspects 1-5, Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritated; Love does not keep a record of wrongs; Love is not happy with evil but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail. These biblical passages alone, it gives us a clean definition of what love is. We all know that God is Love. It knows no boundaries. No endings. It is eternal. A very good way to show his love for us, his people, is through begotten son Jesus Christ who died on the cross to free us from the slavery of darkness and sins. Though the grace of God that we are able to experience the freedom from the eternal condemnation of sin.

Love comes in many forms like love for our family, love for our friends, love for work, love for animals, love for partner, love for self and etc. When you and I we experienced love through our parents because they care for us, met the needs of our daily endeavor, nurtured us values and lessons that helped us to be the better beings that we are now, scolded us when we do wrong things and taught us the goof from the bad. Now that I’ve reached this certain stage, I’ve realized of the sacrifices that my parents did for me to sustain my daily needs and be able to send me to a prestigious Jesuit school. From then on, my perception of love changed, love means sacrifice, it is unconditional. Its means to lead for the best, not for the worst. Humans as we are, we tend to focus more on ourselves or shall I say “self-centered” than others. For me, that’s normal because before we learn to love others, we need to learn to appreciate and love our self first. Loving oneself is not easy because it takes time for us to grow and mature. We have flaws and insecurities that hinder us from loving ourselves. But then I realized that through these imperfections that I am made in God’s likeness, that He made me to be myself and for his Greater Glory.

Loving other people is never easy because of their different personalities, and you have to adjust and reach out for them. The understanding of loving others comes from within. It is when we truly understand, accepted and love ourselves that we learn to love others. Being able to understand is a blessing. We gain wisdom and knowledge, and for me that is the gift of maturity. Maturity comes in hand with sacrifices for one can never love not unless he/she knows what sacrifice is all about. Love is the giving of ourselves to others for God’s Greater Glory. It preserves for the betterment. It does not envy at the good of others, nor their gifts, qualities, reputation and fates. It does not compete for applause and admiration of others instead, it will, in honor, prefer another. It doesn’t desire nor seek its own praise, or honor, or profit or pleasure. It is not quick tempered. It does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believe all things, hopes all things, endures all things and love never fails.

Because we live in a world where the influence of the norms of the society has greatly affected us, they have created a bad image of what love is. They made you believe that love is physical, owning material things, reputation, money, self gratification and etc. Instead we should let God be our focal point of what of what love is, for Him we are all nothing. No matter how hard life hits us let us be reminded that we are all loved and we are special and important in His eyes. No matter what kind of endeavor you or we are all in, we should always acknowledge God for all good things come from Him. Let us all be a blessing to one another. Let go of the hatred, resentment, jealousy and pride and let God change us to become instruments of Love and Peace. Instead of praying about gaining material things, pray for Wisdom and Maturity to help you to accomplish God’s purpose. Love is all celebration, so let us all celebrate and love one another.

Written by my sister Ma. Krizelle Clemente.
Inspiring, ayt?

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