Dreams and Meaning..

9:43 AM

Hello there. Its been a while huh? Well, a lot happened in my life for the few months, there were ups and downs but yeah, I just don't have the courage and energy to blog them. Hahaha. Oh well, let me proceed to my agenda. So, I think it was Wednesday night or Thursday night when I dreamt about my pet dog biting my hand and wouldn't let go and it was only now (Saturday) that I had the energy to search on Google what does that dream means.. So, it says..
"If the dog is aggressive in your dream it could mean that you have an inner conflict with yourself. can signify betrayal & untrustworthiness"
"As trust symbols, biting dogs symbolize loss of trust and betrayal, especially betrayal at the hands of a loyal friend."
So there, that's my update for now :) I just hope I'll be back to blogging life again.

Love, Kathkath <3

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