How's my summer? O.o

2:45 PM

Summer 2012 is already starting. Yeh, yeh. I don't know if i'm going to enjoy my summer this year.

  • First of all, there's this rotating black out. 
  • Second, the camera is not with me which means there's no photography, photoshoots, videos and videoblogs. this is such a hell. I will be bored the whole summer.
  • Third, my usb was infected by virus and files are gone. Really. Shitness. I hate
  • "TREBOR". Trebor is the store infront of our school. Where there's a lot of smokers staying outside the store. They're also selling pastil and isaw and they offer printing too. That place is literally like hell. So hot and polluted and dirty.
  • Fourth, I have summer class.

As you can see, my summer will be boring and shit.  I depend my summer on photos. Cause I really do a lot of make up sessions during summer. Soo. Summer = Bummer, Boredom, Dry. Shit.

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