Le short Intro.

2:30 PM

Le blogger: Kathleen Louise S. Clemente
Teenager, Young and Fresh.

Le me loves to blog. Le me likes to share my life, my emotions and what's running inside my head through this blog. Le cool, right? Mehehehehe :3
Le me is not famous but le me is friendly. I think that's what you call to those people who are not famous like me.

Le me was born on the 18th day of April, 1995. Le me is year of the Pig and le me is an Aries. But le me is not aggressive. Le me likes to shout and scream but le me is not getting mad or angry. Le me hates muggles but le me don't get mad nor at them. Also, muggles do the same mistake over and over again. Muggles think that me is insecure or judgemental. No, no, no, no! Le me is just like to voice out what me is seeing or thinking about some things. :)

Okayyy. I overused the word "Le Me" Mwahahahaha :)))

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