Leggo Clubing!

2:46 PM

This actually a remake outfit from AAO Acquaintance Party last July 13, 2012. Wasn't able to take lots of photos that night that's why I decided to do a remake. Mehe! Anyway, I didn't do the same make-up and hairstyle cause I'm too lazy to do those things all over again especially the curling part. Pweh. Let the blogging begin!

Top from Forever 21 // Skirt from Perique // Shoes from Rusty Lopez
Accessories such as Necklace, Bangles and Bag; From Mom's Closet ;)
For my face, I used FS 21 from Natasha and Nyx Lipstick.

Photo from Acquaintance Party. (Just for the sake of showing the hair and make-up) --From Ma. Cristialyn Ong's Album.
Don't mind the guy at the back. I don't know him either =))
Bdw, this is one of my sister's creation. You can hire her as party stylist. :3

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