Swimming time!

8:29 PM

Since today is Friday. It means, another Swimming day with my Accountancy Classmates and MA Friends! Yeehee! :> I’m really having fun everytime we’re having this swimming class. Kahit 2 times palang. Abobo :))  Kanina yung second meeting namen. And yes, it was really tiring cause we’re on the “Stroke” part already :)) Hahaha! Pero funny ba kahit makapagod. Okay lang man din mag-stop kame kasi not man strict yung teacher namen. So, FUN talaga. Haha! Tapos i’m with a group pa talaga na nakakatawang lumangoy :)) Mehe XD Tapos yun.. Andun si crush. Let’s call him. “Soulmate” :)) Upcoming post about him and my story on the pool :)) PHOTOS NOW!! :D
And yes, I changed my PE 103 Individual sport from Judo (every Tuesday 9:30-11:30am) to Swimming (every Friday 7:30-9:30am). :3 

Why Swimming? Nothing. I just want to enjoy my PE. I know I'm going to have fun having swimming as my sport than choosing Judo, Taekwondo and Badminton. Well, badminton is my option. But I really decided to take Swimming. 

First of all, I really don't know how to swim. That's why I want to learn and yes, this is my first time be in a swimming class. Helpful though. I'm learning now :D Second, swimming is fun. I'm like a kid who, as much as possible, would want to spend the rest of day in the swimming pool even though I don't know how to swim. That's how much childish I am. Plus, I have friends who also doesn't know how to swim that's why its a total fun in swimming. We're like laughing and laughing if we made a mistake. And after our class? Tada! Freestyle XD Its like an outing every Friday.

The KJ. Me and Floyd :”>
Yep, I'm with floyd :"> Actually, we're with their block section.
Pansin ko rin ee, di kamen masyadong mahili sa Blue. Lalo na ako at si Naisah =))
Me, Angelica, Shareefa, Naisah, Ainun and Lorraine. :) Hindi kame masyado mahilig sa Blue ee :))
Our goggles
Di ko din alam kung bakit dyan nakahawak kamay ko @.@ Oo na ba, malaki na pata ko XD
And me, Planking. I know, that's so last year. Actually, I'm just resting there and then we decided to take a picture with the planking post :))

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