November 1

1:37 PM

My family and I visits our departed loved ones during the first day of November at Sta. Maria Cemetery.

 This is what we actually do every year. Visit my lolo (grandfather) and my cousin who passed away. Actually, I never met them. They died before I was born. This year's All Saints Day is different from the other November 1 of my life cause its the first time where only 3 (Mom, sister & I) of us in our family went to visit the cemetery. My dad's on duty outside Zamboanga and my sister was sick that's why she wasn't able to come with us. Also, we didn't go to our lola's (grandmother) house after we went to the cemetery. I think it was a new thing for us that we didn't do much that day.

This is where the babies / young people are buried. I kind want to take a photo of it because I fell inlove with the trees. Idk but I find these trees beautiful. They're beautiful, right? I think its the Calachuchi. (idk if I spelled it right)
After visiting the cemetery, we went shopping ;)
Xoxo, Baby Girl

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