Makeover: Smokey Eyes.

1:36 PM

Last night was one of those boring night in my life. I ran out of things to do at 8pm. And i'm like worrying, cause I know i'm going to stay up all night. And yes, that happened. So what I did is to do my old stuff. Makeover!! :>

Actually, I was trying to do a remake of that Smokey eyes make-up look. That's my fave. The first time I did it was last summer 2010. I think? Yeah, 2010. And the result so.. Lovely <3

First thing I did was to put this Ever Bilena (EB) liquid foundation all over my face and covered with Natasha's pressed powder by Fanny Serano (FS). I've been using the FS pressed powder, and yes, its a really nice foundation! :)

After the foundation application, Next is the Eyebrows. I used Nichido's eyebrow pencil and brushed it. For the eyes.. First, I put moisturizer and then applied a neutral colored shadow. And then I started to add white eyeshadow on the Inner Part of my lid, followed by applying color gray eyeshadow on the middle part and black eyeshadow on the outer part of my lid. This eye make-up look is labeled as the Smokey Eyes Look.

After applying the eyeshadows, the eye look will not look sexy without Eyeliner and Mascara. For the pencil liners, I used Nichido (for the white eyeliner) and Avon (for the black eyeliner). I used two pencil liners cause I'm going to apply it on my waterline. The look of the eyes is from White to Black, the look below must also be the same for a more perfect and sexier look. And for the liquid eyeliner and mascara I used Avon's Extra Lasting.

For the cheeks, the blush is still from Avon the same with the Brown shadow that I used as bronzer to contour my cheekbones.

And for the lips.. Since I don't have a nude lipstick, what I did first is I put FS's pressed powder followed by the Pink eyeshadow from the small pallet from Avon and added a clear lipgloss.

Wow. I'm an Avon lady! =)) More photos:

Also, I curled my hair. HAHA! My sister told me, I'm like the girls on Jersey Shore :)) And when we talk about Jersey Shore.. I remember Snooki the meatball :))

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