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Its been a long time since my last post. So lazy to update this blog and do outfit shoots. Since no one wants to be my photographer :( HAHAHA!

On the last day of November, supposedly I'm gonna go to school but my girlfriends weren't replying. Well, we're all lazy asses ^___^v Haha! That's why to kill my boredom, I made outfit shoot.

Idk what came into my mind. I thought that I'm wearing a Blue Dress and saw mama's Yellow Bag. My problem is that what shoes should I wear to match this look? And I thought of the Primary Colors inspired look. That's why I wore my Red Wedge.

Since I feel uncomfortable on the dress cause its too short for me and the wedge, I change another outfit. For the SECOND LOOK, wearing a shorts and a shirts and a comfortable shoes ^____^ Can I call it comfortable teenager?

I really want to wear this kind of outfit outside. Like going to school, going to town. But No Can Do. Or else, I will be molested or people will give a bad look -_- Psh!
Wearing that kind of tee, shorts and shoes feels so comfortable. Its feels like I'm just in the house. And it feels so fresh. This outfit fits in the Zamboanga weather :))

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