Back to the mainland in a few hours.

12:38 AM

Time check babe, its pass 12:30 AM and in a few hours, we're leaving Aunt Jennifer's house T___T Our flight is like 4 o'clock-ish? Yup, not sure ^_^ Anyway, i'm wearing my black & violet striped longsleeves top and mom's jeggings for my bottom. For my shoes, i'm just going to wear the black shoes from juicy. Ugh! I'm so sleepy! and my head is aching :( Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

I'll rest then. Hoping that Dunkin Donuts is open at this early morning @__@ Puhlease? Just for me to avoid Jetlag. I hate flying, I hate planes -_- That's me. Like it or not, you know I won't give a fuck. So, goodnight and bye Cebu! ^___^ I'll be blogging what happened maybe later night or tomorrow. I need sleep babe!

Goodnight & Sweetdreams Lolitas! :*

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