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 How's my first day of Christmas vacation? Well, expectation: super fun vacation with friends. Reality: Stay at home. Wake up late, watch movies all day long, eat, surf the internet and sleep super duper late. Yes, you're right, i'm not talking a bath everyday during vacations. Its kinda tiring. Y'know.

I'd like to introduce to you guys my first killer heels! Weehee! Bought it on SM Cebu.
Pardon my ugly-dry-veinny-dark-feet. Haha! Mind the heels, not my feet :p
I am practicing to walk wearing this heels since yesterday since I decided to stay at home. Yeah, its boring. Honestly, wearing this heels is a nightmare :( Ajuuu. Such a Kubal Producer @@ But whatever, its cute!

Actually, I just want to have a picture with this heels. So, this is not an outfit shoot. I looked for a simple home clothe that will fit the pumps. And luckily, I got my Tie Dye dress! I wear it only at home, just so you know. I didn't expect that wearing Tie Dye is going to look Gorgeous and Elegant. Just matched it with a killer pumps from and.. Tadaaaa! You're Sexy! Not just sexy, but also it feels 100% comfortable! :3

Ariba Tie Dye! Ariba! Ariba! B)

Bdw, this photo is my facebook profile picture. Mehe!
More Photos ^___^

 BEHOOOOOOLD! The Turtle Walk is coming =)))

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