December '12 Haul.

12:38 AM

"LEVIS FOR GALS" Gray sweatshirt from Levis.

Mom's fitting a pants the moment I saw this sweatshirt. I am doing nothing at the store, and to keep myself busy, I look at the ladies top section. Most of it didn't really got my attention, but this one, it made me say "Mom, buy this for me" :3 Haha, and she bought it :3 Actually, after this, I also want to buy another sweatshirt from FOREVER21. Its cuter actually and its an off-shoulder, that's why I really want to buy it! Plus the print is super duper cute. Its Toad :( If you don't know Toad, Toad is one of the characters in Super Mario cart. Unfortunately, we were budgeting the money. So, we didn't buy it :(

Floral Pumps from Parisian.

While at SM Department Store shoes section, this pumps really caught my attention. Idk why, but I really want to have my own floral pumps before. And now, I have it. Although it hurts my feet so much. But I need to train myself unto becoming America's Next Top Model. Hahaha! Kidding! :3 Heels makes you look sexy ;)

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