Twenee Sixth Day of December!

12:19 AM

Today's plan is not to go out of the house and enjoy my parents' room with the aircon, bed, Nido our bebedog, tv and have some vanity moment. But then.. Fatima called. She wants to watch movies at cinema. And I can't say no to her. She told she's on her way to our house.

And because i'm in a hurry, I ended up wearing this. This is really a 'For Cinema' outfit :)) Because I look like i'm going to sleep. Hahaha!
Top: Gray 'Levis for Gals' sweatshirt from Levis
Bottom: Floral leggings
Shoes: Black shoes from Juicy
Bag: Red and White polkadots with Black strap sling bag from ABkD

I was not able to take a bath when I left the house. Swear! Haha :)) I'm really in a hurry. Like 20 minutes? And before Fatima called, I curled my hair, put some concealer, eyebrows and powder foundation. But I washed my body! Okay? Haha! Its not my first time to go out not taking a full bath but its my first time going out on a ordinary day with my hair, curled. 

So yeah, we decided to watch 'One More Try' Its nice though. Fatima and I enjoyed the movie. Drama and comedy movie. Nice. And you'll really learn a lesson from that movie. At first, I don't wanna watch that cause there's third party, but on my second thought, I can get some lines there :3 Example "Ay oo nga pala, naka-subscribe ka sa asawa ko ng unlisex tapos gusto mo pang sulitin" How's that? ;) After finishing the movie, Fatima and I wants to eat pizza! Supposedly, we're going to eat at Mindpro but.. We decided to eat at Camins! By the way, there's this cute guy on Mindpro Jollibee-Greenwich area wearing a Violet shirt :3 He's super cute talaga ^_^ :">

I arrived at home pass 8PM, that's the only time I was able to take photos.

Super awesome tag. I'm not going to throw it. Haha!

Its awesome how my print and my look here almost looked the same. Right? Just look at the print with the Red with White polkadots ribbon. I didn't noticed it while I was taking photos. I noticed it while I was editing the photos already :3 I'm so Amazed. Mehe!

Additional Story: When mom arrived from work, she was bringing a gift. I thought its hers but fortunately, its mine. From my Ninang Tessie. Yey! :"> So happy! I received something with a gift wrapper! 

 Gonna keep this card :3
 OMG! I didn't expect this. So haaaappyyyyy! Due to my extreme happiness, I shouted when I opened the gift and bragged it to everyone in our house. Haha! Like a kid? I'm just happy. Really happy :"> Yey!
 Atlast! I can do small curls now. Ha! :3 I'm really going to keep and take care of this cause its a Chinese product.
One thing I love about the iron.. Its Pink! :">

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Yours truly, Kathleen <3

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