My 2012 Christmas.

11:44 PM

To be honest.. Weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds before the Christmas day, I really can't feel the Christmas spirit. Well, didn't even have our Noche Buena because my sister and dad are not at home. So what did I do? Uhh, I watched Hangover Part 2 with my sister while mom's sleeping. That's how I welcomed 2012's Christmas. We didn't have our Noche Buena but we ate breakfast together. They woke us up early in the morning just to eat breakfast with them -_- But its okay :)

During Christmas season, I can only feel that its Christmas if and only if there's a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree. Gifts for me and gifts for other people. Its just that, the usual Christmas season routine is now gone. No more last minute Christmas shopping for the exchange gifts at the house after having the Noche Buena. Well, this year all of it was gone. That's why, don't blame me for not feeling the Christmas Spirit. But still, we gotta celebrate it because its Papa Jesus's Birthday! Happy Birthday Papa Jesus :)

This year, I only receive one Christmas gift. That's from my mom and its the dress that i'm wearing on the photo. I decided to wear it that day so that she won't feel bad. Although, I kinda don't like the dress because I look like 'Jane'; Tarzan's girlfriend or wife. Right? I look like her. She's wearing a brown dress too, almost the same style. And I matched it with a pair of brown closed shoes with shoelace (Idk, the shoes' name) Yea, and the belt, it comes with the dress na rin.

What I really don't like about the dress is that I look stiff and it easily crumples. Additional, the fabric is not flowy. That's why.. I'm pissed the whole time i'm wearing this outfit. It doesn't fit me! And I didn't used the heels cause I don't want to stand out. Hello? :))

Thanks Mom!
A photo with mom. Yeah, she's always interrupting my OOTD shoot. She also wants an OOTD shoot. Like mother, like daughter when it comes to 'kaartehan' hahaha! And I noticed that she's obsessed with Yellow. Pansin niyo? :))
And from flats, I changed it to heels. They (sisters) want to have photos with us wearing heels & dress.
Merry Christmas from us! :) Kathleen, Krystelle and Krizelle. Haha! Youngest to eldest. Yup, I'm the youngest :3

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