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9:15 PM

It is agreed by the group to shoot for Soan project this day. I was expecting that all of us were there, but no. Only half of us, went to do the shooting for our project. And honestly, I don't know what's the flow of our video presentation. -___- Whatever! I did my part as the cinematographer.

Since its rainy, I have no choice but to wear another sweatshirt as my top.

Top: Violet & Black stripes sweatshirt from Giordano
Bottom: Skinny jeans
Shoes: My overused Black shoes from Juicy
Bag: Light Lime & White checkered backpack from Heartstrings.

We went at Tetuan to shoot at the Pastil house. After that, we were supposed to shoot at Museum. Unfortunately, its temporarily closed for Renovation. So.. We shoot at Fort Pilar instead and took video of the practices of Zamboanguenos at Fort Pilar. After that, we went to Paseo to film Badjaos and the place. Haha! Seriously, I can't understand the concept of our video presentation. Is it Zamboanga places or Zamboanga practices? I really don't know -_- But, whatever!

Uhh, photo time? :)

In my 17 years of living here in Zamboanga City, I've never entered this Museum. What a shame :(

Zamboanga City's official seal! Haha, I didn't notice this before :))

 Thanksgiving? Yes. Hope? Yes. Goodluck? Yes. Peace? Yes. Money, Job & Career? Yes. 
Lovelife? PASS. Protection? Yes. Very special wish? Yes. Blocking bad lucks? Yes. Plans in life? Yes!
My family always buy candles at this store too. Its amazing cause my groupmates chose to film here! Haha!

Pray first before lighting the candle :3

My favorite photograph of the day. Yeehee! 

 Badjao with Abs. Haha!

Some Badjao kid traded this starfish for 5 pesos. Haha! Well, we took it to photographs only. Then.. We threw it back at the sea. Gross! :&

Panorama shot baby!

Watch my edit for our Soan Project! Actually, kulang pa yan ee. Wala pang dubbing. But, is it okay na all in all? :)

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