Its Summer Babe!

4:56 PM

Atlast! School's finally over. I don't have to stay up late to study. Well, I do stay up late but I do it just surfing the net. And I prefer wasting my time than studying. Deym, Such a weirdo, ayt? Good thing my examination ended one day ahead before the other Undergrads. :)

Its time to party party because its Summeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ^_^ 
Scratch that, I need to prepare for my debut. Its a Good Bye School Stress and Hello Debut Stress. Its better atleast now I'm only going to handle one stress. Hihi. But I need to wait for my grades. Hope that I did great this Second quarter, OR ELSE </3

So, I only have 3 weeks vacation. 
  • 1st week would be the Holy Week. Plans for this week is to start practicing for the Production Dance
  • 2nd week is going to be the First week of April. I'm planning to have my photoshoot within this week
  • and 3rd week is the enrollment week. Dayum, I'm going to be busy again with school since its really hard to consult and enroll in our department -_-
But this things aren't sure yet. Later, I'm going to meet with my Organizer; Kuya Kelvin of CMK Creations and talk about stuff about my debut so we could start working and preparing for the program, dance number, choose decorations and also invitations and photoshoot :) I'm going to post updates about my debut here if I have time to blog *o*

Watch this video. Hoping to dance this on my debut :">

- Kathleen :*

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