Another Seminar, Another Haul.

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I wrote the title "Another Seminar, Another Haul" because my mom had a seminar on Manila and every time she has seminar, her pasalubongs are a obligatory post here in my blog. (Damn, what's happening to me? I'm becoming more stupid day by day) Hihi. So yesterday; March 23, she arrived. And she bought us shoes, to specific heels. Actually, I told her to look for that sparkly glittery goldish peach pumps from Primadona. Well, she found it. Unfortunately, its not my size so she needs to find another shoes. And she bought the one that really didn't catch my taste. And honestly, I was really disappointed. Tsk! Good thing, there's Pringles and Krispy Kreme =))) Anyway, I introduce to you guys my new heels =))

This is a pair of 3 inch heels, Size 8.5. It didn't fit me cause its big like IDK its like size 9 but it says its size 8.5 and I can't understand why my mom bought a size 9 when in fact i'm a size 8 -.- that's why i'm selling this. This is really new never worn it. Any interested buyers? Send me a message on facebook: CLICK HERE ^_^
 This red heels is a size 9, 4 inch heels. Its fine but there's a problem when I'm starting to walk. Like my any other heels problems, it doesn't perfectly fit me that's why its sorta loose and I can't walk properly. Well its nice cause its Red but I really didn't like the Silver thing. It ruined the sexiness of the shoes. (No offense to the designer) But my mom is so in love with this heels.
Lastly, this opent toe snake skinned heels from Figliarina is my favorite. I really like this heels because it fits me and its a 6 inch heels! Actually I cannot call this heels really "mine" because me and my sister are the ones who will share with this heels. Yes, only the two of us because we're the ones with the same size. But the purpose of this heels is for me to practice walking using a 6 inch heels because I want to join modelling. Hihi!

And for other pasalubong..
These Red sequinned and lace top bought for me. Cause you know na ^_^

And lastly.. These awesome Pink, Black and White floral printed leggings. I call this awesome because it fits my leg length. HAHAHAHA! I'm so happy ^o^

Also, she bought us the most important pasalubong of all, KRISPY KREME DONUTS!! ^o^
- Kathleen ♥

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