Danica's 18th

9:48 PM

I'd like to introduce the Debutant ^___^ Miss Danica Jane Follero. Here's her blog: http://nicafollero.blogspot.com/

On the fourth day of April 2013, Danica celebrated her 18th birthday at Lantaka by the Sea Hotel, Roofdeck. It was really fun cause we had a Chabanel mini reunion. There's Mae, Floyd, Dyn, Chai, Precious, Mary Joy, Azizah, Xandy, RJ, Jermone, Rafael and ofcourse Me! :D

That night, I felt like I was back in my high school years. Feels Great. How I wish we're going to have this mini-reunion every birthdays. I missed them so much :(

Next birthday goes to John Floyd Tabar Perez! ^_^

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