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10:51 PM

Hello! To my readers or blog visitors out there (if there's any. lol).. If you guys are wondering why haven't I posted anything for the past few days or weeks, well that's because life's getting busier. As you all know, I'm 18 years old (it is stated on the upper left part of my blog under my photo; on my profile) and I'm a college student, now on my third year. Also, after my class, I go to the gym and duh workout. So there, that's the reason why this blog is so dry. Actually, I have a lot posts here that's waiting to be published. Just wait. haha!

Another thing about me is that I'm into 'change' right now. Bagong buhay kumbaga. Something came to me last week and after that, I realized that I need to change ways. I think the perfect term to describe that change is REPENT. I realized that people nowadays are very wicked, selfish, fun of committing idolatry, love of money and a lot of people nowadays forgot about God. From what's happening to my country and from what I read and watched on some posts on Facebook regarding these prophecies that had already happened to my country really struck me. Also, after reading the posts on Facebook, I read some chapters on the Bible. (Matthew 24-25, Luke 21:5-38) though I can't say that I have already changed. But i'm trying to do my best to change :)

Also, I'm trying to fix my sched for the whole week since I'm really busy with my life. I'm a busy girl y'know. haha! Kidding :D So there, I have class Monday to Friday. Every MW, my class ends at 5:30PM which means I go to the gym quite early which means workout time is from 6-9PM. Then every TTH, my class ends at 6:30 or 7:00 PM which means my workout time is from 7:30-9PM. I can now go home by 9 during weekdays cause mom is already going to the gym. Chars! haha. Then during Fridays, my class ends at 12:30 PM which means I get to go to the gym at the afternoon till evening. But sometimes, I don't go to gym on a Friday cause idk, I really am not feeling well every Friday. Weird right? Then during Saturday is free day that's why I go to the gym at the time I want to. Then Sunday is Church day, Sunday is a day/date with God. Also, Sunday is family day. It is my rest day.

For my workout sched: Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Triceps, Wednesday: Legs, Thursday: Biceps, Friday: Back & Shoulders, Saturday: Pure Abs, Sunday: ABSENT. I only do 1 part from Monday - Thursday cause I only have less than 3 hours. And supposedly, my sched is to be absent during TTH cause of my evening class but since my mom is already working out, I get to divide my workouts :D 

Last but not in the list: I only to use the laptop every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can only blog during these days :) Thanks for reading loves :*

Xoxo, Baby Girl

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