2:27 PM

People are different. There's the good one and bad one. As of now I don't know which group do I belong. Am I one of the angels or one of the evil ones. I really don't know and I don't have any plans of knowing. All I wanna do is to be the better one. Though its really hard, but yeah. We're people and we're not perfect.

"No one will bully if there's no one who will let them get bullied." (Walang mambubully kung walang nagpapabully. PS: Tama ba English translation ko? XD) 

That's what I realized after having a long time to think during blackout. So there's this person who really likes humiliating other people in public. Take note: IN PUBLIC! Maybe its a form of a joke but don't you think you must only do that during 

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