Never Been Kissed

10:49 PM

Hey there children of love! So, what's the latest movie? Well, its none other than the title of this post itself "Never been Kissed" (Ugh redundant!) Honestly, the first 20 minutes of movie, I feel like "Oh God, I regret I downloaded this movie and I regret that I watched it and I have no other choice but to finish it since I've already started it." But yeah, later on the movie gets better and better and I tell you child, you better watch it!

Though the lead character "Josie" carried by Drew Barrymore is a little bit weird. Like seriously, every time her character shows up on the screen, my face goes the i-cant-even-paint-my-face. Cause she's really all weird and her high school schoolmates even called her "Josie Grossie" Just look at this photo:
 But yeah lets make a toast for Drew for bringing the character well. I mean like, she really did a great acting cause I really can't believe her looking like real Josie. Gross. Haha, kidding! 

So that will be all. I don't wanna spoil whatever it is that should be spoiled even though I love the title of being Miss Spoiler. Hahaha! So there, I'd to share to you my favorite line of this movie "Damn girl! You are a writer" told by her office mate after Josie told something about kiss. 

PS: You must watch it or else you'll miss half of your life! Haha adios children of love!

Xx, Kath

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