Beach Day, Horray!

12:58 PM

Who would have thought that less than 24 hours of preparation for this outing is going to successfully fun? What kind of question is that? Ofcourse it is fun, I’m with a fun gang!

The idea of having an outing came from Ate Celine. Since our party home (81st Republic) is no more, we have to look for other way to bond. Actually, this is our first time to go to an outing and to go far from the city proper. It’s also my first time to go to Bolong beach.

It was Friday afternoon when Candice, Ping, Sam and I talked for the preparation for the outing. We did that “what is needed list” and Floyd took care of the service. After having the list, we went to Budget Wise to shop a little (plastic cups and chips). Then about the meat, I think it was Candice and Floyd who took care of it. About the other stuff needed, I don’t know who took care of them. Important thing is we have food, we have materials for cooking and we have each other. Charut!

I really thought that we’re only 7-10 people who can surely go to the outing. Little did I know when they fetched me, I was like “Wow, the van is full” It was such a nice thing that many was able to join the outing. You know what they say “THE MORE, THE MERRIER.” I think Bolong trip takes an 1 hour going and another hour going back to the city proper?

The plan is at 10 AM, we should be on our way to the beach so that we have enough time to cook and have lunch at noon time. But what happened was at 11 AM, we were still on our way then we got there at I think it was already noon time then cooking took hours. The moment we get there, we went looking for cottage, we took some photos then others (Migs, CJ, Candice and Ping) took care of grilling the meat, and others prepared the table and ofcourse took loads of photos. In conclusion, we were able to eat at I think 3 PM and then we chilled a little then went swimming then chilled a little again then went swimming again, then played with the sand, then went swimming again, then we changed clothes and went home.

Thank you Bolongers (Floyd, Celine, CJ, Migs, Candice, Hanna, Zac, Kevin, Keith, Sam, Louise, Aaliyah, Alyana, Gurb, Cristialyn, Krizel and Mud) for this wonderful day. Thanks for the making the outing successful and fun. You made someone very happy! I love you :*

This is day is amazing, the beach resort is nice, the food is great and the people are awesomely fun.

- X O X O
For more photos, click this.

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