Tidy Sunday

12:37 AM

“There’s a war going on in my pants”

As much as possible, I wouldn’t really want to wear pants on a Sunday. At first, I don’t know why but later on, I figured out the reason. I was used to wearing skirts and dresses during Sundays that wearing pants is like a different ‘thang’ for me. I usually just wear pants whenever I go to school, whenever my friends and I are going out but I rarely wear pants whenever I go out with my family.

This outfit says that “I am not feeling well” like look at that, I was wearing pants on a Sunday. Hmm but how can I explain the all black outfit? Uhh, wait let me think.. Okay here it goes, lately I’ve been fun of wearing blacks especially on Sundays since it’s the only when I get to dress up. I observed than since 2015 started, I started wearing Black and I feel like I’m obliged to wear black. Haha 

I know I’m weird. But let’s face it, Black is Beautiful and simply Elegant.

 - X O X O -

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