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Welcoming February not with a fizzle, but with a BANG!

So this is how what I've came up on the last Saturday of January 2015. An all white outfit (well except the shoes ofcourse). Finally, I've decided on what kind of outfits I am going to wear for the month of love. I've decided to wear white outfits and this is the starter pack of the month.

Actually, the skirt in this outfit is a tennis skirt and I've never worn it since I'm not really inclined to sports. Now, I found a way on how to use this. Actually, there are many ways out there but this is the one that I've came up with. I paired it with a white fit shirt, a white waist belt and a boots. So sad that I don't have a white sneaks that's why I end up wearing this pair of boots. Oh well, I still have lots of time to buy the white sneaks that I want tho :)

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