New Toys!

5:12 PM

Oh my gosh, Baby girl got new toys on the first month of the year! Let's see what her new toys are!

THE SALE ITEMS (Pants, Shirt and Shorts) Yes, read it right, got this new toys out of sale. Mom do impulsive shopping whenever there's sale. Especially when it's 50% off! When I was a kid, I really love those shirt with girl face prints on it. No wonder mom bought it. Hahaha and for the shorts, yeah I think she liked it that's why she bought it (duh) and she gave it to me because I'm the only one in this family that would wear a shorts with that kind of printing. I mean, they're all elegant and sweet and girly, and I'm like a rock star. Kidding! Hahaha

THE MAKE-UP SET. This set is a gift from our aunt. This is actually, not for myself, but this is to be shared with my sisters and mother. Dear MU set, just wait until I'm worry free and we'll play. Hahaha

SUNNIES. Atlast! I have my own Sunnies but that doesn't mean that I will stop borrowing my sister's black sunglasses. Hahaha that's not gonna happen. This was supposedly my mom's gift for me for Christmas 2014 but then again, it ran out of stock so she bought me a box consisting 12 pair of earrings and a watch. But look, she didn't forget this one! Hihi heart heart mommy <3

YELLOW MESH BODYCON SKIRT. This skirt is a late Christmas present from one of God mother. I bump to her when I was on my mom's office and she was like "Oh you're Christmas gift.. I have a Yellow Mesh Skirt. Do you want it?" Ofcourse, I just nodded even though I don't know what Mesh Skirt is. Kapal ng mukha no? Haha

- X O X O -

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