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 Hey Singles! Let us not be bitter this coming February and let's spend it in a fun way that couples are gonna be jealous. Oops did I just say that? So, I'm sharing to you guys what I've thought of how to spend Heart's Day.
  1. BE ATTRACTIVE. Let us not be ugly and bitter on heart's day. Look beautiful and handsome, blooming and fresh, wear something nice and bright that says "I'm Single and Beautiful/Handsome and Happy"
  2. DO FUN ACTIVITIES WITH SINGLE FRIENDS. Yes, with single friends. I'm sure you have lots of single friends out there and you guys should do fun activities like go out to a beach outing, picnic, do roadtrips, jog. You can invite your friends in a relationship but ofcourse they have their own dates too!
  3. EXCHANGE GIFTS WITH SINGLE FRIENDS. Since we don't have a partner, why don't we exchange gifts? Yes, like Christmas but we could give our friends some Chocolates and Flowers and make each other feel special and loved. I know its cheesy but hello? It's heart's day! Give our sweet tooth a chance to express itself. Hahaha!
  4. PAMPER SELF. Go on a Salon, get your nails done, get a hair hair treatment, hair dye, hair cutl get your hair done. Go on a Spa, treat yourself with a massage. Go shopping, buy yourself a new dress, shoes or make-up. Make yourself feel special and happy.
  5. DINE WITH OUR LOVED ONES. It can be your friends or your family. Go out and eat on a restaurant, fancy or not. Or you could just eat outside the house and do barbeque, put a table out with a nice table cloth, put some candles and get your speakers ready and nice songs.
  6. DO CHARITY WORK. February 14 doesn't have to be a day with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Its a day of love, therefore we can do charity works and make the people in need feel the love on that day.
  7. GO OUT AFTER DINNER: PARTY OR MOVIE? While the couples are having their hot moments after dinner, its not so bad to go out after dinner and have fun. Be Glamorous! Dress nicely and sexy, put some make-up, curl your hair, have some tequila shots, nice music and little dance with friends is also a good way to end the day but if you're not into this, then you can spend the night by watching movies (chick flicks, romance, horror?) with some pizza.
  8. PLAY GAMES. This is the best way to have fun. Play cards or board games with some dares.
So that's what I have in mind. But wait, I observed something in the calendar. No bitter feelings but before Valentine's Day is Friday the 13th. Hahahaha! Booyah. Okay lame :))

- X O X O -

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