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8:53 PM

Char! Okay, I've decided that i'm going to share a little fairytale story (actually, its a secret) to you guys (about my crush) just so this post won't be that plain and boring. 

The story goes like this...

Once upon a time, in the little town of Zamboanga, there was this beautiful young maiden named Kathleen who's hopelessly single. She was sitting on a table (hashtag badass) with her cool friend Maria when suddenly a prince charming wearing Fuchsia passed by. 

Kathleen noticed Prince Charming's sideburns and booty pump ass. She called him "Bae" and they lived happily ever after in Kathleen's imagination.

- T H E   E N D -

Okay, that was just really out of boredom. But seriously tho, this bootylicious guy with sideburns really looked good in my favorite color. Plus, he dresses well too! For me he's an eye candy 👀😍💖 No, ofcourse not. He's not my crush. He's my Bae. And ☝️ only you my dear reader knows this so you better keep my secret safe. Intiendes? Hahaha!

There's really something about 2015 that really keeps me excited. OMG! Hoping this year's gonna be great 😍

Love, Kathleen.

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