Fridate the 13th

11:52 PM

Right after I finished my one and only class every Friday, I spent my time with my co-single girlfriend Cristialyn at the backfield where Entre Fair is happening. Then slowly, our girls came to school. Had lunch at Chinitos, went back to school and realized we have nothing to do there, then we went to Mister Donut to eat some street foods and munchies. Played with the chocolate on our teeth and took groupies.) I felt complete again right at those moments where we were just talking and chilling and laughing the whole day. I am so happy that I was able to bond with these girls. Also, good news for today is our dear Aaliyah won as the MAO (Management Academic Organization), our department, as the Governor! Woohoo! This means, we really are going to be officers because we promised her that we will help her govern MAO. :)

- X O X O -

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