Lunch Date

8:15 PM

Hello February! Had my very first date on the first day of the month! Who's my date? Hahaha SECRET!

It was nearly noon time that Sunday, my family and I was about to prepare to attend mass when suddenly we got a phone call from our relative, Ate Jenjen (my cousin), to have a lunch date at Chowtime Cuisine for the late celebration of her son Rojen. So yeah, they are my date. Hahaha!

So this what I wore on that lunch date. I only wore something simple and casual. Actually, I look like I'm going to play sports (tennis/badminton) with this outfit. Wearing the Azkal polo shirt cause I don't have any white polo shirt but that alone. This outfit is very light and very carefree. Aside from its Black and White combi, its perfect on a hot Sunday lunch date. Its fresh, its simple but not boring. 

-X O X O -

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