Lunch Date

Hello February! Had my very first date on the first day of the month! Who's my date? Hahaha SECRET!

It was nearly noon time that Sunday, my family and I was about to prepare to attend mass when suddenly we got a phone call from our relative, Ate Jenjen (my cousin), to have a lunch date at Chowtime Cuisine for the late celebration of her son Rojen. So yeah, they are my date. Hahaha!

So this what I wore on that lunch date. I only wore something simple and casual. Actually, I look like I'm going to play sports (tennis/badminton) with this outfit. Wearing the Azkal polo shirt cause I don't have any white polo shirt but that alone. This outfit is very light and very carefree. Aside from its Black and White combi, its perfect on a hot Sunday lunch date. Its fresh, its simple but not boring. 

-X O X O -

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