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"Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal." - Schopenhauer.

Hola there! Its been a stressful and tiring week for me and all I did was whine, whine and whine. I can't help it. I was so stress and I just need to vocally express it cause my facial expression isn't enough. So again, I am extremely tired. I am exhausted. I am burn out. So much for that, let's talk about this outfit. 

I am in love with this oversized (2XL) black tee. I wore this on my friday because I ran out of idea of what to wear to possibly look quite good. Then I thought of wearing large tee. Since, I don't own one, I opened my dad's closet (Yes, everyone's closet in this house is my closet. Take it or leave it.) and found this baby. So, for this look, I paired this top with my black leather shorts which is hardly visible because the tee is long enough that it covers the shorts and I really like that idea that people thinks I ain't wearing any shorts, when in fact I am wearing one. Ha! ;) (don't judge the book by its cover) To complete the badass (lol) look. I paired this with black combat boots and huge black hand/shoulder bag.

Because of this look, I kind of liked the idea of wearing oversized tee more often. Nothing, its comfy and flexible. This gave me an idea of doing a post "different ways to wear your oversized top" wachuthink? Maybe by the end of the month or on March.

top: Giordano / sunnies: Oxygen

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