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This is my first outfit for the month of March. I don't know why but every time the first day of the month comes, I always have to prepare an outfit or a peg that I will follow for the next few days and weeks of the month. For January, it was Black outfit, for February, it was wearing of White. So, for this month, I think went back to black but hey, I am wearing a nude color! And guess what? I love it!
I wasn't really sure if I was on the mood or not to dress up that day but looking at these photos right now, it seems like a lot of layers, which means? Yes, I was in the mood. Usually, when I am not in the mood to dress up, I'll end up wearing a dress where I only get to wear one garment. With these look, well there skirt, tank top, blazer. Well not that much and pretty normal, but yeah. It seems like a lot of effort. Also, this outfit make me feel confident.

PS: I usually like limiting my color scheme when it comes to my outfits. Like this outfit, I limited the colors into black and nude. Pretty formal. Pretty clean and safe. But sometimes, I also like wearing colorful outfits.

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